Sunday, July 21, 2013


The great thing about living on an island is that when it gets super hot, like it’s been these past few days, instead of staying inside and being a slave to my AC I can plaster on some sunscreen, throw on a bikini and take a short drive to one of the many beautiful beaches and go for a swim.

The heat and humidity here is SERIOUS especially this time of the year. Today, my husband and I decided to head to The Baths to cool off for a bit, I wore my neon pink bikini and cut off shorts, which was previously skinny jeans. The Baths is beautiful and very unique, the huge boulders and natural caves surrounding this beach is like nothing you have ever seen before; no wonder it was recently named number one on Trip Advisor's wonderfully unique beaches.  A hike through the caves leads to Devil’s Bay, which again is another beautiful beach, the hike itself is one for the books. Today I was too lazy to hike all the way through, so I went about half way and turned back.

Outfit details: Bikini: Victorias Secret / Shorts: Skinny Jeans from Express / Sunglasses: Versace / Flip flops: Old Navy

Photos by Marlon


  1. I love the baths n devils bay. I have been there before n fell inlove with it always say I wanted to go back and one day I will. I love that color bathing suit. Wish up here had beaches like the island we had heat all week last week n I had to slave to my ac. A nice beach like that would of been nice.

    1. Juju, isn't it the most beautiful place? You should definitely visit again xx

  2. Yes it is. And I surely want to visit.


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