Monday, June 17, 2013


Almost everyone I have asked has a favorite color, me? No ma'am, I refuse to settle for a favorite when there are so many pretty colors or maybe I am just indecisive in the color choosing department. As a child I remember my favorite color changing weekly, if not daily. I bought this pair of pink pants (or trousers, as my English boss would call them) on a work trip, when I saw them I was instantly convinced that pink is my favorite color, but somehow they managed to hang in my closet for months unworn, until this morning. So much for favorite color huh.

Am I the only one struggling in the favorite color department?

PS: I finally got box braids! I am one step closer to Janet Jackson Poetic Justice realness :-)

Outfit details: Top Forever 21 / Pants alternative / Handbag Olivia + Joy / Shoes Nine West  / Necklace (scored at Target last March for $2.99) Target / Watch Invicta Angel

Photos by Marlon


  1. Ever since I was small my favorite color has always been red. But if you look through my closet you can count on one finger of how much red I own. Its crazy you said that because I love different colors. Love the look.

  2. Juju, I know what you mean, during college I was convinced that turquoise was my favorite color, yet it was rarely seen in my closet. When anyone ask what was my favorite color I would sometimes say Pink because it's easier than saying I don't have one. I am glad I am not the only one who doesn't have a favorite color, I mean why settle when there are so many options? :-) xo

  3. I'm jealous you have such great backdrops in all your pics!


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